Geiko & Maiko of Kyoto

I started shooting in Kyoto Japan in 2013.

This project is currently still open to additions and I plan to keep it so. Each picture is limited to 8 prints only, this is regardless of the size of the picture. All pictures come with double certification.


In a difficult period of my life, awaiting major surgery in Japan, I spent 2 months in Kyoto and I got lost in time shooting Geiko (as they are actually called in Kyoto and not Geisha) and Maiko.

This project projected me in another era, it gave me peace, it gave me balance and stenght and now i share my pictures with you. The majority of the subjects in this collection are of Geiko  and Maiko from Gion and Miyagawa Cho, which are two central districts of the ancient Japanese capital.

The pictures are taken in different occasions, different seasons, different moments of the day.

A big part in the success of this collection has been played by my friend “Katsumi Yukio” who lives in Kyoto and spends his life documenting the life of Geiko and Maiko.

Many of the shot I took, have been only possible because of him. I also want to thank my friend Donna, owner of Damina Gallery for exhibiting my collection.


Shot with Nikon D4 and Nikon D7000.
Lenses: Nikkor 50, Nikkor 24-70, Nikkor 70-200


Exhibited in Damina Gallery, Suite 1406, Oceanic Centre, 2 Lee Lok st. Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, China, on the 2014-09-13.

All profit generated by the pictures sold was donated to the following charity.

I exhibited individual pictures belonging to this collection in other galleries after the exhibition ended. I plan to exhibit again this collection soon with a few new shots never displayed before.